Content Management

\r\nIBS sets on enterprise web content management systems on open source software. For professional solutions, we prefer the use of TYPO3.\r\nread more


\r\nIBS outsourcing partner since 1999 - experience and expertise for over 16 years. Focus on web development based on open source software.\r\n read more



The focus is on the development of TYPO3, accessibility and search engine optimized. Added, the development of responsive Web applications.




The design can determine the success or failure of the shop. Good planning, high level development and search engine optimization is a requirements.


Image Responsive Screens

What is Responsive Webdesign [RWD]?

Webdesign for all and everyone?

\r\nResponsive Web Design (RWD) is a Web-design approach to enable optimum display the web page on the output device. From Mobile, smartphone tablet up to the monitor.\r\n

  • Mobile-first-Prinzip
  • Graceful-Degration-Prinzip
  • Adaptiv-Design
  • Mediaqueries
  • Breakpoints